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After a loss

Coping with grief - Adults

No one should ever have to grieve alone

This section is aimed at helping those who will be left behind following the death of someone close. Even if you are prepared for the loss of a loved one, for many people it can be a very lonely and isolating time. Losing someone can result in feelings of shock, numbness or denial and it is not unusual to feel very mixed emotions, ranging from anger to deep sadness or even a sense of relief.
Even though each person's grief is a unique and personal journey, it can help to talk to like minded people who understand from experience what you might be going through. 


There are many different ways to find comfort when grieving. Spirituality and organised religion can be a source of great solace. Religious practice, rites and traditions can bring people together and encourage them to share their grief. Religious communities can be a source of help when you most need it, a kind word, a shared experience and some assistance can make all the difference. 

Religious or spiritual beliefs can also help you to come to a point of acceptance and help you find a way to live and remain connected to the person you have lost. There are many organisation in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland that can help you through religious support.

Through the links below, you will find a list of national and local organisations available to people living in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland that offer counselling and bereavement support. There is also a page on this site with useful contacts to supporting children through grieving.

Understanding your grief

Information about different types of grief and sources for further reading

Dying Matters in Leicester and Leicestershire bereavement support

Sources of bereavement support for residents of Leicester and Leicestershire 

Dying Matters in Rutland bereavement support

Sources of bereavement support for residents of Rutland

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