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A New drop-in Bereavement Help Point is now available in Oakham

C Hammond

15 May 2023

A safe place to talk for people who are grieving

We are delighted to announce that another Bereavement Help Point will now also be available in Oakham! 


You may already have come across The Bereavement Help Points in Uppingham and Ketton. The Bereavement Help Points offer a drop-in service that aims to provide bereaved people with a place where they can access information and support.


The Bereavement Help Points have been initiated and are managed through a collaboration between Dying Matters in Rutland and local hospices; LOROS, Dove Cottage and Sue Ryder-Thorpe Hall. 

Grief can be isolating, debilitating, and exhausting.   It is often not helped by the fact that many people don’t know what to say to someone is grieving unless they have experienced grief for themselves.    At Dying Matters in Rutland we have always felt that no one should ever have to grieve alone. This why we are really pleased to be able to work with LOROS, Dove Cottage and Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall to help provide a place where people can talk to others who really do understand what grief feels like.


The Bereavement Help Points were specifically set up to offer people in the community a safe, supportive place to talk about bereavement with trained volunteers.  Everyone is given a chance to speak if they wish to, in a kind, empathetic environment where your confidentiality is respected.

It is important to note that The Bereavement Help Points do not offer a 1-2-1 counselling service, but this may be accessible via referral to one of our partners.


For more information about the Bereavement Help Points, meeting times and venues go to



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